Greetings and welcome to The Only Curiosity: A SukuFushi Zine focusing on the fatal fascination, the danger, and the unhinged nature of the relationship between Ryomen Sukuna and Fushiguro Megumi from Jujutsu Kaisen.This zine will contain spoilers up until the most recently released chapter of the manga. Canon-typical violence and gore will be allowed in the zine as well as canon-compliant, canon-divergent, and/ or canon-adjacent settings. As such, all contributors must be 18+ by the time contributor applications close.

Soc Media Mod
They/Them, He/Him
Heyo! I write silly little words with my silly little snail hands. Did you know that some snails have over 20,000 teeth?

Graphics/Formatting/General Mod
Words can't describe how excited I am to be part of a dark Sukufushi project, but I imagine it's similar to what Sukuna felt when he first laid eyes on Megumi and his cursed technique.

Art/Merch Mod
They/Them, She/Her
Still deep in the JJK brainrot and no end in sight yet ✨

Writer Mod
I read one Sukufushi fic and ended up here. I'm absolutely thrilled to be a part of The Only Curiosity, and can't wait for people to sink into the depths of their love with us.

Finance/Shipping Mod
They/Them, Xe/Xem/Xer, He/Him
Feral doesn't even begin to describe my feelings towards this project

General Questions:

What is the theme of this zine?
The dark and complex romance between Ryomen Sukuna and Fushiguro Megumi.
Is this zine physical or digital?
Physical Zine.
Is this zine for profit or for charity?
For profit.
Is this zine spoiler-free?
This zine will NOT be spoiler-free. Characters, abilities, and entire arcs currently present exclusively in the manga will be permitted within this project.
How will contributors be compensated?
Based compensation will include a free e-copy of the book.
If sales allow it, contributors will also be provided with the physical bundle should we go that route pending interest check. Any remaining profits will be split evenly amongst all participants in the making of this zine.
Are you looking for mods?
Not at this time. Our Moderators have already been assembled.

Additional questions or concerns may be shared via Twitter/ DMs and our ongoing interest check! out our contributor application here:
Contrubutor Application
View our contributor guidelines here:
Contributor Guidelines

Contributor Questions:

Can minors participate in this zine?
Contributors must be 18+ years old by the time of application. You are not required to have prior zine experience.
What sort of contributors are we looking for?
We are seeking Page Artists, Merch Artists, and Writers.
The exact number will be announced when we open applications.
Can I apply for multiple roles?
Pending Interest Check.
What content is allowed in this zine?
The focus of this zine is on the DARK elements of SKFS romance. The level of dark content this zine shall pursue will be decided based on our interest check, which has concluded with this zine being of an E rating.
The exact limits to what specific content will be allowed will be based on our interest check and personal mod preference and can be found in our contributor guidelines .pdf posted alongside contributor applications.

Project AnnouncementSept 29, 2023ヽ(´▽`)/
IC OpensOct 6, 2023ヽ(´▽`)/
IC ClosesNov 3, 2023 
IC ResultsNov 10, 2023 
CA OpensNov 17, 2023 
CA ClosesDec 15, 2023 
CA Results / Megumi's BirthdayDec 22, 2023 
Holiday Break untilJan 5, 2024 
CA Acceptance DeadlineJan 5, 2024 
Pitches DueJan 12, 2024 
Pitches FinalisedJan 19, 2024 
Check-In 1Feb 16, 2024 
Check-In 2March 15, 2024 
Check-In 3April 19, 2024 
Final Check-InMay 17, 2024 
Final EditsMay 31, 2024 
POs OpenJune 2024 

Coming Soon

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